Tuesday, 29 May 2018

day 6

Final day we started on City Comunity Garden - project from društvo Aktiviraj se.

We took the opportunity and in the shadow made a final evaluation. Each summed up his thoughts and feelings from the whole week.

After lunch we finished work in Smetka yard and made the exhibition of our work.

...and farewell party

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Day 5

The day 5th was very beautiful. The sun was shining and the rain was absent. After the breakfast same as always we went to create something beautiful in the back yard of the Smetka. We shared our ideas and gathered to groups and started to work.

Some of us painted old cans in which we planted beautiful flowers. 

The others reconstructed the old furnitures which was reused later.

Unfortunately we did not finish our job in the back yard, because in the evening we had Lithuanian cultural night. Their presentation was really beautiful and interesting, and their food was nice. Also we had a quiz about Lithuania and after that we played some games. 
The day was well spent, we really enjoyed to express ourselves with working in the back yard and making it really nice and cozy place for everyone. 

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Report on the 4th Night

Reporting on the fourth day is the Bulgarian team. After we had breakfast we discussed the topic of organic and products labelled with the FairTrade mark and searched for these labels on the products offered in Smetka. Afterwards Polona made coffee and we were shown how to prepare natural cosmetics, beggining with antiperspirant. Then we had lunch and the next workshop began, where they made detergent and special wallets out of coffee bags. While the other participants were doing this, we were preparing the Bulgarian night with the food, quiz and gifts. We prepared banitsa, tarator and rice and milk pudding. The night was very enjoyable and after the quiz we gave everyone their
presents. The night finished with going to the opera and enjoying the nightlife in Maribor. 


Bulgarian Night